PCS ProduceTM

Our wash for produce such as leafy greens and melons is 1,000 times more effective at killing foodborne pathogens than the current industry standard produce wash of chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. It remains more effective than the industry washes even after five times of usage, conserving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and the washes leave a residue on the produce to ensure continued pathogen killing ability for over 4 weeks. Furthermore, our produce wash is non-corrosive to equipment, edible, and eco-friendly.

Additional Markets

PhytoCentric Solutions has a development pipeline that is producing products for additional markets, including a surface sanitizer/disinfectant, a hand sanitizer, and a product that can prevent and control biofilms. Because our sanitizers are non-corrosive and highly active, they will meet the needs of multiple applications in the manufacturing, food safety, and personal care industries.